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The Cat Survival Trust

The Cat Survival Trust in Welwyn was formed in 1976 to work for the conservation of endangered species of wild cat.  This small cat sanctuary is the only British charity devoted to the care, rescue and conservation of wild cats as well as the preservation of their natural habitat.  This is a just a small selection of the cats they are currently looking after.

The cat with three names – puma, cougar and mountain lion.

Puma in profile as photographed by Pui Hang Miles

This is Ess.  She is an African Serval who was illegally imported into this country and kept in a bathroom!  This beautiful cat had also been cruelly declawed.  Contrary to popular belief, a cat’s claw is not like a human toenail, it is closely adhered to the bone.  The process of declawing is akin to amputation since it involves the removal of the last joint in a cat’s toe.  So for those who think it is a “humane” process, it isn’t.  It is cruel and an unnecessary mutilation from which recovery is both long and painful.

serval cat photographed at the cat survival trust by Pui Hang Miles

In June 2010, three gorgeous snow leopard cubs were born at the sanctuary.  Sadly, by the time we got there, one little  cub had not survived.  Snow leopard cubs are normally born premature.  In their normal habitat, this isn’t an issue, however, here, in the height of summer, the cubs had a fight on their hands simply to stay alive in conditions that was simply too damp and humid for their not completely formed lungs to cope with.  During a power cut, one of the dehumidifiers failed which culminated in the death of one cub and another coming down with pneumonia.  Happily, this little one is pulling through well.

Snow Leopard Cub from the Cat Survival Trust

The African Caracal has to be one of the prettiest cats in the world with their delicate structure, beautiful blue eyes and fantastic bat-like ears. The Cat Survival Trust is home to a family of three of these gorgeous felines.

Caracal cat photography at the Cat Survival Trust by Pui Hang Miles

I hadn’t expected to see a Pallas Cat here so it was a very pleasant surprise to have one that posed so obligingly for us.

Pallas Cat from the Cat Survival Trust

This photo of the Amur Leopard was taken with my iPhone 4 as the cats kept coming too close thereby making it impossible to take a photo with my camera.  What do you think of the results?

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