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Tiger Yawn

Farewell B2

Much has changed since our last visit to Bandhavgarh last year.  Many of the tigers that we met and loved last year are gone. One of Jhurjhura’s cubs died during the monsoon shortly after we left.  However, the remaining two are still alive and remain inaccessible to the public. Chorbehra… 

Male Tiger of Bandhavgarh

Tigers of Bandhavgarh

After a rocky start to our trip thanks to the ineptitude of British Airways, we eventually arrived in Bandhavgarh, 24 hours later than scheduled.  Rather than take the overnight sleeper train from Delhi, this year, we opted to fly from Delhi to Jabalpur.  The travelling was still hardcore, but by… 

Chorbehra Tigress & her cubs

I wasn’t feeling very well after lunch so I opted out of the afternoon game drive.  I really wish I hadn’t as David took some wonderful pictures of Chorbehra tigress with her two cubs.  They appeared as he was exiting the park. Chorbehra was walking through the forest with her… 

Bandhavgarh Tiger Safari

Our tiger safari was full of amazing tiger sightings and their stories touched my heart. I thought it was fitting that our first tiger sighting was of B2, Lord of Bandhavgarh. He looked old (which he was) but you could feel the power and majesty emanating from this magnificent big… 

Jeep in Bandhavgarh Park

Jhurjhura Tigress of Bandhavgarh

Jhurjhura tigress was a daughter of B2, Lord of Bandhavgarh.  Until her untimely death, she was one of the most bold and successful mothers in the park, having raised two healthy litters and nursing her third which consisted of 3 cubs around 6 months old.  Her mate and father of… 

Welcome to Bandhavgarh signage

Bandhavgarh – we have arrived

We eventually pulled into Katni Junction at 0515hrs where we were met by 3 cars.  After a further 2 hours in the cars, we finally arrived at Nature Heritage Resort. After 2 days of hard travelling and very little sleep, I could not wait to go to my room to… 

Steps to Jama Masjid

Bandhavgarh – How it all began

Last summer, I accompanied David on his wildlife photography course.  At the time, I wasn’t really into photography but I was keen to see the cats at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Smarden.  During lunch, the course instructor showed off some of the photos he had taken whilst in India….