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July 2011 - talk2PN: Photography & Blog
Red Stag

British Wildlife At Wildwood Trust

The Wildwood Trust is home to an extensive collection of British wildlife.  Animals that have inhabited Britain for the last 10,000 years and animals that have been hunted to extinction in the UK. I had heard many good things about this ancient forest, which is located between the historic city… 

Pallas cat looking into the distance

Pallas Cats and Tigers at Port Lympne

Today was our first day back to Port Lympne since they introduced their Passport scheme.  It’s been 9 months since our last visit and to be honest, I’m amazed that we haven’t been back sooner, especially since there was the opportunity to watch the Amur tiger cubs growing up!  Still,… 

Three month old fishing cat kitten

Farewell Fishing Cat Kittens

It’s been just over 5 weeks since my last visit to the Rare Species Conservation Centre (RSCC) and I was excited at the prospect of seeing all the kittens and pallas cats again. Having spent so much time with them before the centre closed for the month of June, I…