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Grolier Disney Ornaments

These beautiful christmas ornaments were originally called Grolier Disney Ornaments, but have also been known as the Christmas Magic Collection.  David and I have been collecting these ornaments for many years now.  We used to buy them from a company called Grolier but in 2009, they closed up shop and the ornaments were passed to another company to sell.  The new organisation is called Early Moments and they have re-branded the ornaments as Disney Character Ornaments.  Unfortunately, they will not sell the ornaments to anyone based outside of the US which is really annoying!  Fortunately, I have found a way to continue my collection and although shipping is not cheap, I think it is worth it to continue collecting these gorgeous christmas ornaments.

The gallery below is what I consider to be the definitive list of Grolier Disney Ornaments / Early Moments Disney Character Moments.

I had planned to organise the gallery by the various editions but since every ornament that comes out of Early Moments is called a President’s Edition, this now seems pretty pointless!  You’ll also notice that there seems to be different versions of certain ornaments like Bambi, Dumbo, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, to name but a few. I think this has happened when they’ve re-issued an ornament.

I do occasionally have extra grolier disney ornaments for sale so if you would like some of the newer ones, please feel free to contact me. Be warned, they will not be cheap as I have to get them shipped from the US and pay the customs duty on them.

Ornaments that I currently have for sale are:

  • Alice & Cheshire Cat
  • Dusty from Planes
  • Sheriff from Cars
  • Hudson from Cars
  • Hank from Finding Dory
  • Snowboarding Goofy

They all come in their original packaging with certificate of authenticity.

Please feel free to browse through my gallery of grolier disney ornaments. The newest ornaments are at the bottom of the page. If you’d like to see a larger image, please click on the thumbnail.

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