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Grolier Disney Ornaments

These beautiful christmas ornaments were originally called Grolier Disney Ornaments, but have also been known as the Christmas Magic Collection.

David and I have been collecting these ornaments for many years now.  We used to buy them from a company called Grolier but in 2009, they closed up shop and the ornaments were passed to another company to sell.

The new organisation is called Early Moments and they have re-branded the ornaments as Disney Character Ornaments.  Unfortunately, they will not sell the ornaments to anyone based outside of the US which is really annoying!  Fortunately, I have found a way to continue my collection and although shipping is not cheap, I think it is worth it to continue collecting these gorgeous christmas ornaments.

The gallery below is what I consider to be the definitive list of Grolier Disney Ornaments / Early Moments Disney Character Moments.

Over the years, some of the ornaments have been re-issued with subtle differences e.g. Pluto has bigger eyes, Angel Donald has blue tipped wings, version 2 of Ariel looks more like Ariel.

Up until March 2019, all the ornaments were made of resin. All subsequent ornaments are now made of porcelain. Fashionista, a.k.a. Edna from The Incredibles is the last of the resin ornaments.  Everything from A Train for Dumbo is made of porcelain.

I’ve not had time to photograph the porcelain ornaments properly so please excuse the terrible image quality!

I normally photograph the ornaments after I have put them on the christmas tree but last year (2020), I daren’t hang them up for fear of them being destroyed by my kitten!

I do occasionally have extra grolier disney ornaments for sale so if you would like some of the newer ones, please feel free to contact me. Be warned, they will not be cheap as I have to get them shipped from the US and pay the customs duty on them.

Ornaments that I have remaining for sale are:

  • Alice & Cheshire Cat
  • Snowboarding Goofy

They all come in their original packaging with certificate of authenticity.

Please feel free to browse through my gallery of grolier disney ornaments. The newest ornaments are at the bottom of the page. If you’d like to see a larger image, please click on the thumbnail.

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  1. Anonymous

    Delighted to see a comprehensive picture list of the Grolier Set,not seen any where else on the net. I have managed to complete this ornament set but as I dont live in ths US will struggle to get the newest one from Princess and the Frog. Thanks for posting the pictures.
    Alan D

    1. Pui Hang

      Hi Alan,

      Thanks for your kind comments. I know what you mean, if it were not for my friends in the US, we would be struggling too! It just seems so crazy to me that Early Moments refuse to ship to UK customers as I know many people who would happily subscribe to continue collecting these gorgeous ornaments.


  2. Anonymous

    Absolutely gorgeous! Excellent quality pictures, they are just so cute. All our family are Disney nuts and I have collected a lot of Disney memorabillia over the years from various sources and trips to the USA. Now I have two very young granddaughters who simply love the films and characters, so this year I started purchasing the Grolier tree ornaments specifically with them in mind. Have 22 now, so hopefully by Christmas next year will have a lot more for the tree. Many thanks for sharing. My favourites are the 3 Good Fairies and Huey, Dewey and Louie, simply fab!!

  3. Anonymous

    hello again (we’ve communicated on eBay) – the Aladdin ornament that you have pictured is in front of the Presidents Edition box, but you have it listed as 1st Issue – question: is your 1st Issue Aladdin porcelain or resin? also, I read that there is a Grumpy ornament in both the Christmas Magic series as well as the Presidents Edition series – are they different – or are they the same (both in a kettle)?

    Sorry to bother you with such nonsense – but I am trying to complete my collection and I’d rather collect all of the Presidents Edition ornaments rather than double up!

    1. Anonymous

      Hi! My Aladdin is definitely a first issue and is resin.  That picture wasn’t taken by me but by a friend who got her Aladdin later.  The box that mine came in is completely different.

      AFAIK, there is only one Grumpy.  The collection was originally known as the Christmas Magic series but as time has passed, parts of the collection have acquired new names e.g. Disney Christmas Angels, President’s Edition etc. 

      It’s no bother at all.  Always happy to help a fellow collector 🙂  BTW, if you ever get another Rapunzel, please do let me know.  Thanks!

      1. Jamie Zaborski

        I have an extra Rapunzel!  I also just got an letter in mail telling me of the next two to be released.  I don’t remember exactly which two it but they are charecters from the movie Cars.  I believe it’s the two that run the tire shop. 

        1. Anonymous

          Hi Jamie,

          Thanks for that.  Have just sent you an email about your extra Rapunzel 🙂

      2. Anonymous

        Hey there –

        Just wanted to let you know that I just received another Rapunzel direct from Early Moments – if you are interested, I can send you an invoice via PayPal. Unfortunately, you are unable to bid on eBay because of some copyright ordeal and eBay won’t allow me to sell these ornaments internationally (which is why you were having such a hard time bidding before).

        If you’re interested, please let me know. BTW, the next 2 ornaments in the Presidents Edition series are from Cars 2: Luigi & Guido.


        1. Rick Taylor

          Hello all, thanks for all the info, im just curious about the mater ornament that came out.  having the hardest time locating that, any help would be gladly accepted…


          1. Anonymous

            Hello Rick,

          2. Anonymous

            Hello Rick,

            The only advice I can offer you is to keep an eye on eBay unless you have a friend in the US who can collect them on your behalf which is how I have gotten around the problem.  Sorry I couldn’t be of more help

        2. Michelle Chester

          Hi was just wondering how much do you want for Rapunzel i haven’t been able to get any for years and would love some new fresh ornaments 😉

          1. Pui Hang

            Hello Michelle,

            The Rapunzel is not for sale. If you want one, eBay is a good resource although you may have to pay a small fortune as US sellers know that UK buyers have no other way to get the newer ornaments.

            I do have some ornaments for sale – these are listed under “currently available” at the bottom of my blog post. If you are interested in any of them, let me know

  4. Anonymous

    hi.just came across your site and great to know there are other collectors of the grolier ornaments still active.
    shame they are only available in usa .is there any way of getting any missing ones.
    while grolier were selling in uk i collected most of them and shipped many from usa and canada via ebay
    but looking at your list, i’ve obviously fallen behind since they quit the uk

    1. Anonymous

      Hello rupertdabear,

      There is a US forum called Magical Mountain where some Grolier collectors sell their ornaments but they are mostly the more common ones as opposed to the rarer ones.  I have a list of ones that I am selling at the bottom of my blog post – if you need any of these, please let me know. 

      The only other thing you can do is to keep an eye on eBay but be warned, they tend to go for stupid money and if you have a lot to collect, it could turn out to be quite expensive 🙁

  5. Anonymous

    I wonder if you could tell me how to get some of these ornaments. I would like to add to my collection the newest ones; Jessie, Bulls-eye, Mr & Mrs Incredible, Bolt, Luigi, Guido, Three Fairies from Sleeping Beauty, and others. Can you please let me know how to get them? I would sincerely appreciate it. I know some of these are on sale on eBay, however, I can’t afford the extreme prices of them. I saw Mr Incredible going for $100 USD, unbelievable. I hope you see this comment. It is almost a year after you posted yours.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    1. Anonymous

      Hello!  Are you based in the UK or USA?  If you are in the UK, eBay really is the only place to get them from.  I have a few spare ornaments as listed on my blog but none of the latest ones.  

      If you are based in the US, contact a company called Early Moments who have taken over from Grolier.  They will not ship to the UK though so don’t bother wasting your breath trying to persuade them.  I’m lucky enough to have a friend who lives in the US who is kindly collecting them for me.

      Totally agree with you about the extreme prices on eBay but the trouble is, it’s the bidders that are pushing the prices up, not the seller (although some do start their bids at outrageously high prices).  

      Hope that helps and happy holidays to you and yours as well 🙂

      1. Anonymous

        Thanks for your assistance with this. I am in USA. I have contacted EM
        to see about duplication of the ones I already have etc. I hope all will
        work out. About the eBay sellers…they start the prices out on the
        newer ones around $100 each. They must have an inside contact to get
        them like they do and to have them in numbers as well. Happy New Year

        1. Anonymous

          Happy New Year and do keep me posted on how you get on with your collection 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    Hey there;
    It’s so good to see all these ornaments as i am now 18 and have grew up with these from my mum and my dad’s sides 😀 I love them; but obviously now that im older im moving on to look into my own place; which means leaving these lovely ornaments behind 🙁 So i’m looking into getting my own collection 🙂 i’v just purchased Roger Rabbit off ebay but the others are going for a big price; which with me being a student i cant afford so i am wondering how much you are looking at for your doubles? I’s be grateful if you could get in touch with me somehow 🙂
    Thanks for your troubles 😀 xx

    1. Anonymous

      Hey there, 

      Sorry for the late reply.  Drop me a line with your email address on my contact page and let’s talk 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Heya sorry its such a late reply been really busy with exams and things, i cant find your contact page so my email address is 🙂 Thanks i look forward to hearing from you x

  8. Louise

    These are amazing. Love the Thumper and Angel Pluto, what a fabulous collection.

    1. Talk2PN

      Thanks Louise. I especially love the angels but they all look great on the christmas tree

  9. Anthony S

    Hi Pui Thanks for taking the time to list the ornaments with pictures.

    I`m setting up a website to sell them But still have to iron out a few problems on the site hopefully it will be fixed by Feb 2013.
    I still sell them on ebay but ebays fees are rediculous.

  10. Lisa Holliman

    Hi looking to buy some of these just started collecting can you email me any you have available & prices

    Many thanks

  11. Leanne

    I need a friend in America lol been collecting a few years and struggling to get last few x

  12. Jennifer

    I have a box full of brand new ornament purchased in around 1992. Are they worth anything? All grolier Disney. Thanks

    1. puihang

      Hi Jennifer, hard to tell as you don’t say what they are! Do they look like my ornaments or different?

  13. Amber

    Thank you so much for posting this list! I have not been able to find a comprehensive list of these anywhere. My mother started this collection for me and my brother when we where children, buying one every month. Since we often had very little money to spare we missed several of the ornaments. As an adult I continue to display these on my tree and try to find the missing ones each year. Now I have a daughter, age 2, of my own who loves them and knows them all by name. I look forward to passing them on to her in the future!

    1. puihang

      Hi Amber, you are very welcome! I’ve been a bit behind with updating my blog but since it is that time of year again, watch this space!

  14. Louise

    Hi I love all the pictures of the ornaments and did not realise the collections were still going as my mother bought them all for me as a child. Is there a list available that will have the numbers with picture so I can see which ones I am missing and can eBay hunt for please.

    Many thanks

    1. puihang

      Hi Louise, the collection no longer goes by part numbers. The names you see on my blog are the names on the boxes. This is what you will need to search by. Hope this helps

  15. Matt Langley

    My father has just had a clearout and came across around 40 of these lovely decorations. I noticed there are 3 i have missing from your list. Would you be interested? they are scrooge mcduck, 101 dalmatians and oliver.

    1. puihang

      Hi Matt, thanks but I have these already

  16. Michelle Brown

    Hi there I have most of the ornaments but need to buy
    Any Incredibles
    Any Frozen
    Cinderella & coach
    Can you help?
    Basically any of the new releases from the last 5 years or so. Thanks so much

    1. puihang

      Hi Michelle, eBay is going to be your best bet. Unfortunately I’m not willing to help people acquire the ornaments anymore as I’ve been burnt too many times with people changing their minds, wasting my time and costing me money

  17. Denise Ford

    I do not know if you can advise me on my grolier collection. I started buying them from grolier in the early 1990s.All are boxed and in the original outer collectors boxes. I have 2 full boxes, plus a few extras. I am looking to sell them but I am not sure where to start. Any help would be great. Many thanks

    1. puihang

      Hi Denise, eBay is probably your best bet

  18. James Szwejbka


    Is there a way to get ornaments I don’t have? If I go through early moments will I be able to get only the ones I need or will I have to go through receiving all of them and sending away the ones I don’t want. Help, and thank you. James

    PS The pictures and list is great.

    1. puihang

      Hi James, if early moments have stock of the ones you are after then you can get them but if not, then eBay will be your only other option. And thanks!

  19. Sarah

    Hello. Thank you for all of the above information. I’m very new to collecting Grolier Disney ornaments. I’ve found it very difficult to find much information at all. I have noticed on EBay, that there seems to be two versions of Angel Scrooge. Is the one with a blue coat a newer version? Also, your photos seem to be quite up to date, do you update it regularly? Thanks again for your amazing help.

    1. Pui Hang Miles

      Hello Sarah, there are quite a few different versions of some of the ornaments. I tend to keep the one I like and sell the others. I’m a bit behind on updating my site but it is up to date as far as the resin ornaments are concerned. All subsequent ornaments after Edna are made of porcelain. I haven’t had a chance to upload any photos of them yet.

  20. Sarah

    Hello again. Thanks for your reply. This page is really very informative, and I love the pictures. I have another question. I’ve noticed that some Woody ornaments have the gold hanging thread, and some don’t even have the little metal hoop or hook. Is this maybe because it can be hung without a thread? Thanks again.

    1. Pui Hang Miles

      Hi Sarah,

      If there is no metal hoop to hang the ornament then I suspect it is from a different Grolier collection. One thing I will say though is that even if it does have the gold hanging thread, some of the ornaments are very heavy so you need to be careful when you hang it. A good example of this is the Up ornament – I always hang this where the base can rest on another branch as I suspect that the gold hoop would fall out due to the weight!

  21. Sarah

    Hi Pui.
    Thanks again for your help. I hope you don’t mind, but I have another question. Is the Angel Pluto made of resin or porcelain? And, if porcelain, are any of the others?

    1. Pui Hang Miles

      Hi Sarah,

      If you read my earlier reply to your question, I do say that all ornaments after Edna are made of porcelain…. 🙂

  22. Anjella

    Hi Pui
    Thank you for posting such great pictures and info. I hope you don’t mind but I have a few questions if you can help?! I am a new collector but have quite a few already.
    Ami I right in thinking these ornaments started out as Grolier and came in numbered boxes? Do you know the year they started?
    In 2009 when they were took over by Early Moments did they continue them in numbered boxes?
    I assume the Presidents Editions are in non numbered boxes and do you know when they started?
    Are they still being produced in the USA by Early Moments?
    Are the Disney Traditions the new ones as I see these are available in the UK and have the gold thread on them?
    Sorry to ask so many questions but I seem to be drawing a blank on the internet!
    Thanks so much

    1. Pui Hang Miles

      Hi Anjella,

      “Ami I right in thinking these ornaments started out as Grolier and came in numbered boxes?” – yes.
      “Do you know the year they started?” – no. It’s not actually that important TBH.
      “In 2009 when they were took over by Early Moments did they continue them in numbered boxes?” – Only the very early Grolier ornaments came in numbered boxes but when they started to introduce first and president editions, they came in nicer boxes. All Early Moments ornaments follow the same president edition boxes started by Grolier.
      “I assume the Presidents Editions are in non numbered boxes and do you know when they started?” – Correct. See my reply above.
      “Are they still being produced in the USA by Early Moments?” – if you’ve read my blog post, you will already know the answer to your question 🙂
      “Are the Disney Traditions the new ones as I see these are available in the UK and have the gold thread on them?” – Disney Traditions are disney store christmas decorations and have nothing to do with Grolier or Early Moments.

      Not sure why you want to know about dates but it’s actually irrelevant because that won’t help you with collecting. Over the years, Grolier re-issued some of the earlier ornaments e.g. there are 2 very similar Tinker Bells – they are on my website and if you look at the photos, you will see that the only difference is the colour of her wings. Similarly, there are 2 slightly different versions of Ariel, Pluto with the Christmas bells – one had bigger eyes, Mickey with lights, Minnie Mouse, Tramp. I had lots of duplicates that were ever so slightly different but there are just so many of them that I decided to only keep the ones I liked and sold the duplicate that I didn’t think looked as nice.

  23. jo-anne wheeler

    Hi, do you know if there is a list anywhere of the numbers of the Christmas Magic ones (Ie we have, among others,101Mickey, 102 Little Mermaid & 104 Minnie – i’d love to know what 103 was)

  24. Jamie Smith

    First an foremost thank you so much for your passion on this list. It has been invaluable to me as I try to see where this collection has gone. I started my subscription in 1991 and continued through 2002. When you get married your priorities change. My question for you is did you collect the annual dated ornament series? These were porcelain ornaments dated beginning in 1989 and as far as I can tell current as of last year. I can trace from 1989 to 2009 but afterwards cannot seem to find pieces or images save for 2016, 2019, &2020. Any insight on these would be great. Also are the early moments subscription service still ongoing or have they stopped as well?

    1. Paula

      Hi Jamie, I have been collecting Grolier ornaments for over 37 years. The dated porcelain annual ornaments did start in 1989 with Dumbo. The dated series did continue each year even with the name changes form Grolier to Scholastic and Early Moments. I can tell you the 2010 was Sleeping Beauty, 2011 was Steamboat Willie, 2012 was Dumbo, 2013 was Lady and the Tramp, 2014 was Eeyore & Piglet, 2015 was Olaf, 2016 was Bambi & Thumper, 2017 was The Aristocats, 2018 Mickey & Minnie, 2019 was Donald’s Christmas Disaster 85th Anniversary, and 2020 was Pluto the Christmas Pup. There is a new porcelain President’s Edition ornament coming out this year celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Beauty and the Beast. It is Mrs. Potts and Chip. I am not sure if it is the 2021 Dated for this year because there were others issued this year including a double shippment of Winnie the Pooh & Tigger. They also released Elsa. I have received all of the 2021 except Mrs. Potts and Chip, so I am guessing that it will be the 2021 porcelain this year. As soon as I receive it I will let you know. Also you can go to and see what is available in their “vault”. You can purchase any that are left. There are three dated ornaments left in the vault right now. (2011, 2014, 2017) There are also a TInkerbell and Peter Pan. You can also sign up for any future releases by going to the website.

  25. Paula

    Jamie, I was able to confirm that the Mrs. Potts and Chip are from the Presidents Edition Series. The 2021 Porcelain ornament this year is Daisy Duck. I hope this helps you.


  26. Pam Martin killpack

    I do have a lot of these ornaments, but would love to continue my collection, do you have any suggestions for me to do that

  27. Olympia

    Hi Pui,
    Thanks for the pictures of your wonderful collection. I have a question. I have a very small collection of ornaments from the 1990’s that were given to my children when they were young. I have some from the President’s Edition and others from Grolier that are just in white boxes marked with the name of the piece. i.e. 26231 118 Dumbo, 026902 DCO Snow White etc. I have all the Certificates of Authenticity for the Presidents Edition. Did the series from Grolier in the white boxes come with Certificates of Authenticity?
    Thank you for you time.

  28. Nathalie


    Votre collection est incroyable!

    Pour ma part, je compte présentement 105 de ces figurines mais les plus récentes sont terriblement difficile à trouver, surtout que j’habite au Canada.

    Si votre Alice et Cheshire sont toujours à vendre, je serais preneuse volontier!

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