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Macro, Macro and more Macro

We had so much fun doing our half day macro photography with Janet Robini that we decided to do a full day of macro with her.  The advantage of having done the half day was that we had a better idea of what we wanted to photograph by way of subject matter and composition.

Poison Arrow Frog

Poison Arrow Frog sat on stone

Poison Arrow Frog sat on wet leaf

Posion Dart Frog in profile

 Tiger Leg Frog

Tiger Leg Frog

Tiger Leg Frog sat on wet leaves

Tiger Leg Frog in profile

Panther Chameleon

Panther Chameleon

Close up of Panther Chameleon eyeball

Panther Chameleon in profile

Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko in sand

Baby Harvest Mice

Close up of a Harvest Mouse

Harvest Mouse sat on top of corn

Harvest Mouse climbing over head of corn

Baby Harvest Mice peeking through corn

Baby Harvest Mouse peeking through the corn

Flying Squirrel

Flying Squirrel also known as Sugar Glider

Flying Squirrel licking honey off the top of a branch

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