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Cheetah Cubs at Hamerton Zoo

Six weeks after we first met them, David and I plus a good friend were privileged enough to be allowed special access to photograph 3 adorable cheetah cubs at Hamerton Zoo.  Born on 30th June, the three boys were named Kito, Makali and Tyson.

The cubs had grown significantly since we last saw them but at 15 weeks old, they were still small and extremely cute.

Cheetah Cub close-up

Cheetah Cub lying in grass

Cheetah cub looking up

The cubs were very sociable as a result of being hand-reared.  We spent a wonderful morning watching and photographing them whilst they played, chased each other and posed beautifully for us.

Cheetah cub siblings

Cheetah cub resting in the grass

Coy cheetah cub

When the cubs started to tire, Tracy, our keeper for the morning suggested that we leave them to have their lunch whilst we go photograph the adult cheetahs.

I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record now but there really is no better place to photograph cheetahs than at Hamerton Zoo.

Adult male cheetah

Cheetah looking down

Cheetah looking back

Cheetah sitting with crossed paws

Thanks to Tracy for organising the photography morning for us and to Rosa for being such a great mummy to the cubs and furnishing me with their date of birth and names.

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