Three cheetah cubs

Cheetah Cubs at Colchester Zoo

The cheetah cubs, one male and two females, were born at the beginning of July and have been named Malawi, Savannah and Tatu respectively.  By the time we finally made it down to Colchester Zoo to see them, they were 4 months old. When we arrived at the enclosure, the… 

Polar Bear close-up

Highland Wildlife Park, Kincraig

The Highland Wildlife Park is a 260 acre safari park and zoo located near Kingussie, Highland, Scotland.  The park opened in 1972 and is run by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, which also runs Edinburgh Zoo. I have to admit to not being sure about the park when we… 

Tired red panda

Colchester Zoo

After my traumatic experience at London Zoo, one could forgive my reluctance to visit another zoo.  However, having heard how wonderful Colchester Zoo was from a good wildlife photographer friend, David and I decided to visit and see for ourselves what all the fuss was about. Over the course of… 

White Lioness of Paradise Wildlife Park

Paradise Wildlife Park

David found an experience entitled “Afternoon Tea with the Tigers” which consisted of a tour of the big cats at Paradise Wildlife Park followed by afternoon tea at Tiger Treetops.  We’d visited Paradise last year and had been enchanted by the Pallas Cats and the white lion cubs so thought… 

Smiling Red Panda

Cotswold Wildlife Park

Cotswold wildlife park is the largest privately owned zoological collection in the UK with over 260 different species of birds and animals. Below are just a small selection of my favourite images. These meerkat kittens were just weeks old and this was one of their first forays out of the den….